May 24, 2023

XAMPP vs WAMP – Best local web server for development in 2021

When we choosing local web server XAMPP and WAMP are most popular. From this article, I hope to discuss XAMPP vs WAMP.

Both constitute of MySQL, PHP as well as Apache Server. Both encourage you to develop and run web-applications in your local PC or laptop computer. Before you make your website live, you can make modifications on your web site locally with the assistance of WordPress.

You can try various plugins or have fun with the look and feel of the web site by editing the style. Additionally, you can create short articles locally before you release your web site.

Which is one is better? WAMP or XAMPP?

The fight of XAMPP vs WAMP has been a long-standing one. Which server is much better? Well, we are going to do a relative study of XAMPP vs WAMP so that we can discover an answer to this inquiry.

Both XAMPP and also WAMP are offered completely free downloading. We have been utilizing them to the local web server on our computer.

Let’s check out XAMPP vs WAMP listed below.

XAMPP vs WAMP– A comparison
Mentioning XAMPP vs WAMP, Let’s start with XAMPP


  • It has even more extensions compared to WAMP
  • XAMPP package includes Perl, Apache, MySql, as well as PHP.
  • XAMPP is known for its tidy, simple user interface; ideal for beginners.
  • XAMPP is supported by Windows/Linux as well as MAC OS.

Let’s Consider about WAMP.


  • When compare with XAMPP, WAMP has much less variety of extensions.
  • WAMP plans consist of MySql, PHP, and Apache, and not include Perl.
  • The user interface is basic. There are several alternatives connected to it, designers will certainly appreciate it.
  • WAMP is supported only by Linux and Windows.

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Decoding XAMPP Web Server

It stands simply for Cross-platform, Apache, MariaDB, PHP, as well as Perl. XAMPP is an open resource platform that is readily available absolutely free downloading. We have already discussed that it is a cross-platform server, supported by Mac, Windows, and Linux. Apache is the web server you require to run PHP.

As for MariaDB, it is merely the database where you store your content. MySql’s most current version is referred to as MariaDB. Mentioning Perl as well as PHP, both are dynamic programming languages supported by Apache server.

We use these programs languages to develop new web sites/applications. XAMPP is lauded for being a light-weight local web server. There is nothing complicated regarding the setup of the XAMPP web server. Making use of also is simple.

XAMPP includes attributes like mercury mail, supporting Perl and also Filezilla, and so on. Many thanks to XAMPP server, it has come to be straightforward for you to check without any trouble. Given XAMPP is complimentary, open-source software, any person can download it and use it based on their wishes.

Thanks to the XAMPP web server, you will be able to examine you will have the ability to test your site as often times as you need. WordPress customers will tell you that XAMPP is very helpful to them. We can see that XAMPP has a slight edge in the WAMP vs. XAMPP battle.

WAMP Web server

Now we will certainly see the case of WAMP server. We will certainly start with the full kind: Windows, Apache, MySql, as well as PHP. One considerable constraint of WAMP web server is that it works only with the Windows system.

What you will certainly locate most charming about WAMP web server is that there is nothing complex concerning the set configuration. As far as the aspects that are essential to WAMP is a shows language, database, web server, as well as Operating System.

Speaking of the OS, it functions well in Windows. It likewise operates in the Apache web server that is compatible with Windows. To store the web content of your web site, you count on a MySql database.

All these are connected using PHP, the programming language. The package is referred to as the stack server.

Web Hosting

You have a mixed plan below for this objective. All that you need to install it on your computer. You will certainly install all the necessary services. If you are creating your web site, after that you can utilize this plan to establish and evaluate your web site locally, before you make it live on the internet.

WordPress web-developers are the most significant beneficiary of this. It’s an effective tool for WordPress web development.


XAMPP is a cross-platform service, as it collaborates with systems like Mac, Linux, Windows, etc. That’s not the situation with WAMP as it only operates in Windows.

When you compare with WAMP, XAMPP is very easy to configure and setup.

XAMPP supports Perl, PHP, MySQL But WAMP supports only PHP & MySQL.

When it comes to starting the procedure, all that you require to do is to click on the beginning button when it comes to XAMPP. There is no such switch in the case of WAMP.

When compare with WAMP, XAMPP comes with additional features like a file server, mercury mail, and Perl.

When compare with WAMP, XAMPP is appreciated for its light-weighted layout.


It’s time to find out the champion of XAMPP vs WAMP fight. WAMP as well as XAMPP are efficient local web servers you can rely upon. Both featured their benefits.

Web developers discover both the tools helpful. They can check their web sites locally before they make it live many thanks to both these local web servers. If you ask us, we would say WAMP is a perfect selection if you are only utilizing Windows OS and also programming language. If you are a beginner, then WAMP is an excellent option.

However, when it concerns knowledgeable programmers, XAMPP is the ideal web server. Here they get to add additional features. Additionally, they can work on multi-language. You can develop a distinct web sites/applications with the assistance of XAMPP.

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