September 8, 2023
wordpress vs wix

Wix vs WordPress : Which one is better for build a website in 2021

When we thinking about build a web site, Wix and WordPress are both tools we can use.But they have completely different approaches.By this article I hope to discuses about wix vs WordPress comparing with difference with five points.

  • Ease of use
  • Cost
  • Customization and flexibility
  • E-commerce
  • Customer support

Ease of Use Wix

First let’s see how wix works.Considering wix, website design is very user friendly.

Step 1 : sign up your wix account

Wix sign up

Step 2 : Choose your domain name

Wix dashboard

Step 3 : Design the web site

Wix design view
Wix Design view

There are some options in above view for customize your website layout.

Wix pages in design view

Customize your background (make it either image, video or full color,)

Wix Design

They are very easy to add new elements like menus, lists, images, galleries, social media icons, buttons, boxes, and loads of other things that you usually see on modern websites today.

Wix Add

Furthermore, you can use Wix App Market for add things such as a Shopify module, comments module, chat, newsletter signup module, and more.

Wix App Market
Wix Settings

Step 4 : Finally Publish your designed website.

After design your web site you can easily customize with creating a contact form, add content, connect your Gmail account, etc. Then you can publish your web site. Here I have attached a video for your attention. There is a step by step complete guidelines to build a web site using

Now Let’s see what is wordpress and how it works.

Ease of Use WordPress

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) and it has a steeper learning curve but is highly customization. Most of web hosting providers Support wordpress as one-click setup installation. WordPress is open-source, which means it’s free for anyone to use and modify. But when you build your own website you have to purchase a domain name and web server. Without these two things, WordPress will not work.

Select your Hosting provider and perches a domain name

As you wish, you can choose web hosting company to get a Domain name and web server. Most of the companies are supporting wordpress hosting.

Hostgator domain search
Hostgator domain search
WordPress Dashboard

After installation of WordPress you will get a basic website. With your WordPress knowledge, you can customize this web site as your requirement. If you are a beginner of WordPress there are thousands of video tutorials on youtube. below I have mentioned a link for your attention.

Create a website by WordPress


When you build a website, Cost is the main factor. But this depends on your website development and maintenance requirements. Let’s compare Wix and WordPress price planes.

Wix Price Planes

Wix offers a free website builder for a basic website. But, it has two main disadvantages. First, it adds Wix branded ads on your website and Second, you have to use your domain as a subdomain of address looks like: That means you can’t use a custom domain name for your site with this free plan.

In addition, the basic design does not provide add-ons like Google Analytics, favicons, e-commerce. Without their ads and to get additional features from their app marketplace, you need to update your Wix account to one of the premium plans, the Offering.

Each Wix premium plan has different storage and bandwidth limits. You can pay monthly or choose an annual plan.

The best value plans in Wix are the Unlimited Plan ($ 12.50 per month) and if you want an e-commerce store, you need an e-commerce plan ($ 16.50 per month).

This cost does not include any apps you choose to purchase from the Wix App Marketplace for later use on your website.


WordPress is open source and is free for anyone.But you should have a own domain name and web host to install it.Most of hosting providers are offers one-click installation.

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Depending on your website requirement, you can start with a basic planner with a WordPress hosting provider like Bluehost, which costs you $ 2.75 per month and includes a free custom domain name.

If you plan to use premium WordPress themes or plugins (similar to WordPress apps) the cost of a WordPress website will go up.

However, if you can use free WordPress themes and plugins, it helps to reduce the costs of your website. You can add any component to your WordPress website using a plugin without updating your hosting plan.

Customization and flexibility

When you design and adding some features to your website customization and flexibility is very important.


When you start building a web site with Wix, generally start with their template and they’ve got about 300 different templates to choose from
and once you choose the template then you can start changing your site logo,images, buttons , button colors and fonts, font colors etc.Furthermore the templates are segmented into more than 17 categories.

This all templates are responsive modern and you can arrange with drag and drop.But Wix creates a separate mobile version.


If you are looking for exact design for your website, wordpress helps you to create that with your HTML & CSS knowledge.Furthermore, you can find more responsive premium themes online from Themeforest or Elegant Themes.

Customer Support

Wix Customer support includes several languages and they provide phone,chat and email support for their all packages. Additionally, for more expensive packages they provide VIP Support.

WordPress is open source and free.As a result it doesn’t have any specific customer support.But there are tons of resources on the internet like forums, you-tube channels etc. Furthermore, with the paid WordPress themes or plugin you will get a customer support from the theme/plugin creator.


When we consider wix and wordpress both are grate platforms.But they includes completely different approaches. So, the best choosing is depends on your website requirements.

If you are going to build a simple content website without a technical knowledge, wix is a supper web builder for you.Otherwise If you have a develop own application with different features wordprss is better than wix.