What is hosting? Discussions with some exampls

What is hosting?

Many know what the domain is but do not know what hosting is. If you buy a domain then you buy a name for your website. Your website should be kept in a PC that will be 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Hosting companies offer the convenience of keeping your website on a PC that is always open.

Hosting companies offer this service in exchange for monthly or annual money. Different companies offer hosting at different prices. If you want to take hosting in Asia, different companies will have to pay a different type of price. You have to buy the amount of points you can buy from your PC. And the place you buy for your website is hosting. If you want you can keep your website in your home PC but your home computer is running 24 hours 365 days? If you put the website on your PC, your visitors will not be able to see your website without having to shut down your computer or internet connection. The PC that you host on your website will always have to be turned on. Your visitor will be able to see your website when the hosted PC is open.

The hosting companies in the world, including the hosting company of Asia, sell different types of hosting. Such as Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server etc. You need to buy the hosting space according to your needs.

Many of those who do not know think domain hosting is the same thing. Or buy one tie 2 ties. Not a domain of one thing and hosting another thing. 2 ties you have to buy, with a different amount of money. But usually, those who sell the hosting, they sell domains and sell them. If you want, you can buy 2 ties from the same provider. You can also buy it from a different company.

What is domain?

The name or address of the domain is to remember the simple language. In the name of the name, we enter the web site. Each website has a unique domain name. The name of a web site’s domain name does not match the name of the domain name of the Kanano Web site.
ICANN company has sold all the domains in the world. ICANN is a nonprofit organization. From here you can buy any domain you want (but must be unused before).

For example, we all use Facebook. Whenever we want to log in to Facebook, open a console browser and write in the address bar that And this is Facebook’s domain name. There are many types of domain names such as .com,, .info, .net, .org, .in, .co, and more.

Now we will look at some examples for hosting

Now we will look at some examples for hosting:
1 / You have a home.
2 / house is on 1 area of land.
3 / House Address 750/6 Dhanmo, srilanka
In the case of the website, the melt
1- Your site content on your home page
2-The homeland is hosting your web site
3-The home address is the domain of the web site


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