GoDaddy hosting and domain review

Founded in 1997, GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar, with 13 million subscribers. If you are not unfamiliar with the hosting/domain registration industry, you probably have heard about Goddie with their Super Bowl or NASCAR ad.

Interestingly, GoDaddy is committed to supporting many public causes – in Phoenix, where GoDaddy has a 270,000-square-foot advantage, the company donates significant amounts of Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Arizona Human Society and Phoenix Churoad. GoDaddy’s IPO raised $ 2015 million in April 460. In June 2014, GOADAD Inc., with its placeholder value of $ 100 million for its IPO in June 2014. Has filed. The company eventually raised $ 2015 million from its IPO on April 460th, 1st.

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If you look at GoDaddy 2014 in the absence of illicit financial results of nine months, you can see that the company focuses on three businesses:

  • Domain – 55.5% of total revenue
  • Hosting and presence – 36.5% of total revenue
  • Business Applications – 8.0% of total revenue
  • The company’s earnings have generated $ 1.01 billion (according to financial results), but it is still losing money (the Company lost about $ 2013 million dollars in the 200 financial years).


The largest portion of GoDaddy’s revenue consists of domain name registrations and renewal of domain names.
In the first nine months of 2014, the departments of the domains provided $ 564 million in services.

Revenue GoDaddy gets from registration may significantly change. Companies charge different prices for different types of domains. For example, while writing, a new .com registration costs $ 2 / year for 8.99 years. Interestingly, the .net and .org domains cost the same. $ 24.99 / year cost today.

Hosting and presence:

The second largest part of GoDaddy’s earnings is to get them from hosting and presenting type products. GoDaddy’s hosting and attendance department were brought about $ 2014 million in the first nine months of 370.

The “Hosting and Presence” section has been made from the website Building Products, SEO, SSL Certificates, Sitelok Website Security, Personal IP and more. While hosting, GoDaddy offers dedicated servers starting at just a few dollars per share, VPS and domain every few months. In addition, the hosting site includes building tools so that even newcomers can determine how to get a site and can run fast.

Business applications

GoDaddy’s business applications share approximately $ 2014 million in the first nine months of 81.6. In GoDaddy’s “business applications” there are items like email accounts, online bookkeeping, online data storage, email marketing, and an online payment system.

Certain products that integrate into business applications include:

Microsoft Office 365, which starts at $ 4.99 / month per user
Email marketing service, which starts at $ 1,000 / month for customers 9.99. It has the same capabilities as MailChimp and GetResponse.

GoDaddy Hosting Plan

OK, enough company’s background and financial numbers. In this review, we will focus on GoDaddy’s hosting services. The company proposes three different hosting plans both in person and in business:
Economy: up to $ 1, 100 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth and 100 email addresses per month for 4.99 websites. All plans include an annual plan, 24/7 protection monitoring, and DDoS protection and a free domain in a user-friendly control panel.
Keep in mind that all the plans technically proud of unlimited bandwidth and both deluxe and ultimate hosting plans advertise unlimited storage, it is technically not endless. The use of their bandwidth storage affects the stability or uptime of GoDaddy servers if GoDaddy reserves the right to notify users. In this case, users have to upgrade to a virtual private server or dedicated private server.