May 23, 2023
how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website

How to make money with affiliate marketing without a website

Hi Friends, Are you fed up of finding a method to earn money on the internet. Today, you are lucky!!. However, you have come to the right place. There are so many passive incomes generate methods on the internet. From that methods, affiliate marketing is getting high demand of value. But when you try to do step by step, sometimes you should have a website,you-tube channel, spend some money or Skill. In this article, I’ll guide you on how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website.

First, you should know what is affiliate marketing? let’s see how it works.

What is affiliate marketing?

It’s a simple concept with a high value. Affiliate marketing is a process witch you get a commission by promoting other’s products or services. In this process, you are the salesperson for the company, and you are called an affiliate. The best thing about this, normal salesperson can sell the product of one company and as an affiliate marketer you can join as an affiliate for several companies and you can get the commission from all of them.

affiliate marketing

Please read until the end of this article, I hope to discuss four(4) methods for success with affiliate marketing. Still, be successful affiliate marketing without a website. Today you can apply this strategy. Let’s see these valuable four(4) ways.

4 Methods to Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Now, you know how affiliate marketing works and so you can apply below method to get traffic for your affiliate link.

NOTE: If you want to more success in affiliate marketing, I recommend for maintain your own blog or website by writing with good content.

Method 1: Promote your affiliate link Through Social Media

Social Media

Social media is a great way to get started affiliate marketing as a beginner. You can promote your affiliate links through your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Instagram.

In this method, you should be creative and write your post to impress them to click your post’s link. So always you keep in mind to write quality and useful content for your audience. Furthermore, your post must be very attractive. Because eye-catching articles are proven to attract more readers.To make that kind of article you can use visual elements like images.

Always try to get your audience’s trust for your content.Then you can easily convert to sell product or service with your affiliate link.

Method 2: Promote Your Affiliate Link Through Online Communities or Forums

Online Community

Now a day, with busy lifestyles people are using the internet to find a quick solution. As a result that most the peoples are using online communities or forums for raise, their questions and hopefully answers through it. Most popular forums get thousands of visitors per day. To get started to promote your affiliate link there is a great place that online communications or forums.

First, try to find the best forums or online communications related to your affiliate product or service. Then read their rules, conditions, guidelines carefully and understand the community. After joining the community be an active member building trust with other members of the forums. By posting related niche articles you can earn your audience’s trust. Keep in mind, Don’t just copy and paste affiliate links to the forums any day. It will affect your member suspension or your post-ban.

With my experience Quora, Reddit, Stackoverflow I like to suggest as examples. Except for these communities, there are several kinds of best forums or online communications on the internet.

Method 3: Promote Your Affiliate Link Creating an e-book

Create e-book and promote your affiliate link

The E-book takes place another good option for promoting your affiliate links. Before writing an e-book you should choose your niche, with your knowledge what for you are an expert. If you have done this task correctly, an e-book can have the long-lasting best results for your revenue.

In this method, you should provide useful information to your readers. Then you can build up trust with them. That’s the most impotent thing to convert your reader to click your affiliate link.

I like to suggest two ways for create e-book with my experience.

  1. You can write fresh content as an e-book including your affiliate link.
  2. Get a Free download e-book and modify it with your affiliate links.

If you are like to create your own e-book you can use online design websites. It will make your creations very easy. Furthermore, If you are hoping to modify the downloaded PDF you can use the online PDF editing tool.

Method 4: Create Blog Post With Your Affiliate link

Create Blog Post With Your Affiliate link

This is final method and most impotent option in this article. Most of affiliate program required a website URL.In Here I’ll explain you how to create a blog post with your affiliate link.

There are several blogging platforms (web 2.0) on the internet like,,, etc. This kind of website gets thousands of web traffic per day and they have given an opportunity to create a free blog post to get free traffic.

The Summary

There are plenty of methods to earn money by affiliate marketing without a website.In here mainly I discussed about 4 methods.

  1. Social media.
  2. Online Communities or Forums
  3. Create an e-book
  4. Create Blog Post

However,always try to provide quality and useful factors as post and try to get readers,followers trust and attention to your post.

Also, be patient and keep in mind to analyze your progress. Because affiliate marketing takes some time and it will be successful with your hard work. So never give up until you succeed.

Is there any question related with this post, please let me know on comment section. I always glad to support you.